Freeway Warrior - Highway Holocaust

Freeway Warrior is a series of 4 gamebooks, created by Joe Dever and illustrated by Melvyn (Mel) Grant.

This website is a playable version of the first book "Highway Holocaust" published in 1988.

The story is about a band of nuclear holocaust survivors as they try to move from Texas to California, where they plan to set up a new home.
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Freeway Warrior - Highway Holocaust

I could create this project thanks to the great job done by the Project Aon on the original book written in 1988 by Joe Dever and illustrated by Melvyn Grant.

Thanks guys!

You can contact me here.


Project Aon License

Survival Skills
Driving 3
Shooting 3
Field craft 3
Stealth 3
Perception 3

Close Combat Skill 10
Endurance 20

Close Combat Record
Cal Phoenix EP Close Combat Ratio Enemy EP

Generate a random number

Show Combat Results Table

Close Combat Rules Summary

Combat Results Table

X Close

X Close
Ammo pouch


12 gauge
Close Combat Weapons Bonus

Missile Weapons Calibre Rate of Fire

Generate a random number

Water Canteen
1 ½ Pints
1 Pint
1 ½ Pint

Generate a random number


The Game Rules

Survival Skills



Rules for Close Combat